Why Wellspring?


One in five children are left out of the classroom every day. More than half of these kids live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Instead of equipping themselves with skills for the future, children are stuck at home, looking after younger siblings or helping their parents tend to the field. Their future is being sacrificed in the face of current need, and the cycle of poverty spins on and on …

But often being in school isn’t enough. A lack of properly trained teachers, physical punishment, and out of date learning techniques mean that many children aren’t receiving the education they deserve.

The world is facing an education crisis, and it’s time we did something about it.

Wellspring is passionate about real life change in all members of the Wellspring community, as we show the love of Christ by empowering a new generation of leaders in Central and Eastern Africa and beyond. We believe we are uniquely placed to be a catalyst for transforming education for hundreds of thousands of African children and fostering vibrant communities that address poverty in all its forms.

Wellspring believes in empowering local communities to bring about change. Our team of Rwandan trainers works closely with school leaders, teachers, and parents to see educational barriers removed, schools transformed, and every child treated with the same dignity and worth that God proffers on us all. We provide training and support that sees people flourish and understand their unique role in supporting education. When school leaders, teachers, and parents all rally around the children, the results are astounding.

Wellspring’s work is helping bring systemic change to the Rwandan educational system. Through our partnerships with the Rwandan government and other organizations our work is helping influence changes to key educational priorities such as the new national curriculum and the 5-year strategic plan for education. This ensures that sustainable transformation in the education system will continue to improve the future for Rwanda’s children.


Andrew set up Ride Down South to offer people an affordable way to experience Southern Africa on a motorcycle. All the profits from these trips go towards supporting Andrew's non-profit work in youth development - including the This Better Work career guidance project. Check out the Ride Down South website for trip stories, reviews and information on future rides.