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Our aim is to raise $25,000 for the work of Wellspring and we would love your support as we help Wellspring increase the impact of its School Development Program. Wellspring transforms the lives of children by transforming their schoolsdirectly investing into the lives of 175,000 children and 1over 3,300 teachers in 124 school communities.


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Wes writes: Hey Friends, many of you already know that I am travelling to Rwanda to join some friends and then embark on an epic African adventure, riding motorcycles 6500km from Kigali, Rwanda, to Johannesburg in South Africa.  I am doing this because it will be an awesome way to visit many of the well-known sites in East Africa, such as Victoria Falls, as well as take in a number of Game Parks in Central/East Africa.  Even more importantly I will also be riding to support the work of The Wellspring Foundation for Education who have been making great advancements in education for kids in Rwanda for the last 12 years.  I am not asking for personal support for this ride ( we are all looking after our own expenses) but if you have a heart for the work of Wellspring please consider supporting  the team at the link above. We are hoping to use this trip to make a difference for the lives of many kids in Rwanda!  Thanks for checking this out, and don’t forget to subscribe for updates as we ride.