Even The Undercover Police Are Nice.

Zambia! It’s a new country for all of us except Zen Motor Master Andrew and it’s helped me realise a long held ambition. I have filled a passport!


Which is awesome as I can cross it off the bucket list, but not awesome I still have two countries to go.

Another interesting thing that happened at the Malawian side of the border was that we were mobbed with money changers and fixers, something that often happens. We don’t normally do anything except say no, which they don’t accept until the no gets serious. But this time, two undercover cops jumped in and they ran away, which left Les and I as a potential criminal masterminds. The police started to place me under arrest for black marketering and I hastily explained that a) I didn’t know it was against the law to talk. B) I hadn’t bought anything and c) I am a nice guy who is trying to raise funds for education and that we should all hug and have fun. It took me ten minutes of negotiation but by the end they were laughing and trying to get me to bring Wellspring to Malawi. I nearly got a selfie with them but they thought they might get in trouble. They even waved us off as we left.  Lovely people.

Which was pretty much our whole experience of Malawi. A beautiful land full of lovely people. From beaches along the lake that look like Maui to swooping roads through the mountain. Here’s Wes, really enjoying one of them...

We met some wonderful people including three guys I sat with in the bar last night, two Malawians and an American peace corp volunteer who is working on environmental community development projects. We had a side splittingly funny conversation about Advocados that even included cartoons and animated role play. I also sat with Ollie, a British teacher volunteering in a local school who was fascinated about what we do in Rwanda. I love meeting people like that who are doing all they can to make a difference. You find them all around the world and they make it a better place. They inspire me and I am always humbled when I hear their stories.

Ollie also wanted Wellspring to come to Malawi.

You know, it’s a thought.....