Wondering Where the Lions Are.

We’re having a wonderful time in Kenya. Here’s Faith to tell you about yesterday’s life highlights.

Mara explorers camp and Game Drive - Kenya day #2

“We’re wondering where the lions are ...(wondering where the lions are ...)

Yesterday’s sleep was brief and broken up in Mara Explorers camp partially due to the excitement of today’s game drive and fear of oversleeping and partially due to unusual howls periodically unleashed which I learned were none other than local hyena. At the crack of dawn we loaded up 2 land cruisers and set out for an incredible 11 hour expedition into the 1500 square km of the Savannah grasslands which is the Masai Mara National Reserve. Our tour guide and driver, Geoffrey, from the local Masai village was quite hospitable and informative with a keen sense of tracking as well as a great sense of humour.

After already getting us up close and personal with elephants, giraffe, zebra and water buffalo, he made a sudden change of course and indicated with some excitement that he wanted to point out the African Dung Beetle. Before we had time to scratch our heads and wonder about this specimen we were abreast a pride of lions!

I’m still waiting to see these Dung Beetles as promised .... All in all it was a fantastic game drive encompassing the full circle of life from a male lion jumping on a female in heat, to vultures feasting on the remains of Wildebeeste who couldn’t quite make it cross the river, to the remains of an impala hanging from the branches of a desert date tree, evidence of a leopard’s survival of the fittest.

Stops for coffee and biscuits mid morning followed later by a well balanced and tasty picnic lunch, gave us the sustenance to carry on our journey. Hippos, crocodiles and a cheeta sighting followed, along with the occasional scurrying warthogs, ostriches and a variety of colourful birds in flight. The day came to a close with a cold local beverage for many, a race to get internet posts uploaded and a call for dinner.”

Today, we travelled back to Naivasha and had a great journey, interspersed with an interview with Kenyan media at a stop along the way about our trip and why were raising funds for Wellspring. We’re about to head out on a boat cruise on the Lake and then we’ll enjoy a night off, relaxing as we get ready for the long ride tomorrow to Moshe, Tanzania.

Hope you’re enjoying the ride with us!