Dark Nights and Sunny Mornings

We woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise over Lake Naivasha, birds singing, monkeys calling. Bliss. Which is a good job as yesterday was  ummm...a little tougher. 14 hours in the saddle that included one of the most beautiful roads through the Kenyan Highlands. Swooping turns, endless vistas, colourful villages, we loved every second. But unfortunately it lulled us into a false sense of security.

We always knew yesterday would be a long day but it was made a little longer by a couple of minor bike issues and a border crossing into Kenya. So after the beautiful road, dusk began to fall, and we still had 200 k of Kenyan  roads to ride.

Hitting some major highways, we dodged and weaved through traffic as night fell, making sure that some road sense challenged Kenyan drivers didn't run us onto the hard shoulder. I don’t think they have advanced driving schools here. We all have intercoms and we needed them yesterday. “Watch out for the crazy guy in the taxi coming up behind”.  “See that coach, go defensive.” The comments sounded like a fighter squadron going into battle and I almost called “Bandit at 3 o’clock Ginger, Tally Ho!”

It was great to turn off the Highway into Camp Carnelly, a wonderful oasis on Lake Naivasha that welcomed us with open arms and very large  and very much needed burger and fries, glad to know that the longest day of the trip was behind us

This is a great team and I am so enjoying being with them. I can hear Faith giggling as she’s reading a book, see Lisa laughing with a local, and I’m enjoying a fill breakfast [eggs,  sunny side up and all the trimings] with Wes. Danielle had a bast on the back of my bike yesterday and Lenard and Lee Ann crack us up with the intercom commentary. Kaitlyn is a bike pro and up for any challenge and Andrew and Les are great in the sweep vehicle, keeping everyone safe and sound.

Today we’re enjoying a leisurely start then heading on to Masai Mara for a rest day on safari. Everyone send their love to family and friends and wants you to know they are safe and sound.  Hope you are too!

Talk soon.