Gorillas in the Mist and Little Angels

Lisa and Lee Ann are today’s guest bloggers as we explored the delights of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, here in Uganda.

Lee Ann: Imagine Gorilla's in the Mist , steep mountains, deep ravines covered in the rain forest jungle. The sunlight slowly sneaking warm rays to the thick, vine filled ground cover. And then you turn to see the majestic mountain gorillas foraging on leaves, ants and tree bark. They take your breath away as you see them in their natural habitat. Their soulful eyes and peaceful demeanor as they sit back and forage. We saw a silverback, black backs, and one of the highlights, a baby gorilla only 6 months old as he was playing in a tree by himself like a child on a playground. We were truly blessed to have them meander through the forest floor not 2 feet from us.

Lisa: While half our group was in search of the gorillas in the mist, the remaining four of us went on a local community cultural walk through the nearby villages. There is a local organization called the Ruhija Community Gorilla Tourism Development Association, and their knowledgeable guide walked us through various projects and villages. One of the highlights of the day was visiting two schools. They are both schools for orphans, and were started by a local woman with a passion for caring for children in need. Her commitment to this village is commendable and we appreciated being able to visit the Little Angels school and the children there. We also visited a small waterfall as well as a beekeeping project.

As our group reunited at the guesthouse in the afternoon, we enjoyed swapping stories and photos of what we experienced in the great Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. Tomorrow we ride again!