Why We’re Riding to Johannesburg

Dear friends

I am writing this message to you as the sun rises over Kigali, capital of Rwanda. I’m getting ready for the Kigali2Joburg ride, taking a few friends on motorbikes from here through 8 countries down to South Africa, raising funds for the work of Wellspring. It’s going to be an adventure!

We’re aiming to raise $25,000  and I’d love you to consider giving your support. The link for that is at the sponsor tab above and also at the end of this post, but before you decide, I’d like to tell you why it’s so important.

Every time I visit this amazing place I am re-inspired all over again about the work that is taking place here. I have met some of the 175,000 children that Wellspring is helping get a quality values based education and their enthusiasm and hunger for knowledge has blown me away. I have spent time with teachers who just a short while ago were feeling inadequate and unprepared for their roles, often resorting to violence to control classes of up to 125 children, classes that have no electricity, books or resources of any kind. Now those teachers are being equipped with the resources and training they need to turn those schools into vibrant communities of learning, where every child is valued and given the same worth and dignity that children in Canada are.

I have met girls who dream of a brighter future, but who are at risk of being victims of violence and exploitation, who now have opportunities and expanded horizons, due to the focus Wellspring is bringing to girls education. And I have once again visited the Genocide memorial, a somber place that commemorates the killing of nearly 1 million Rwandans in three short months in 1994. It’s a place that always calls me to be part of the difference and change that is taking place here, as we help Rwanda give an education to children that inspires them to be better than generations of the past, to say “Never again, will we let this happen”.

I wish you were here to see it as well. I wish you could feel the determination of our team, of these children and their parents, of the teachers and school leaders, to see a better, brighter future for Rwanda and to be a beacon of hope for what peace and reconciliation can look like. It is a luminous thing to experience, and I know that if you could see it, it would affect you as much as it affects me and everyone else who visits here. That’s why through all the muddy roads, roadblocks, crazy potholes and sand filled deserts, I’ll be keeping my eye on the prize. It’s not just getting to Joburg. It’s standing with these wonderful human beings

So thank you from Rwanda and from all of us here. You are making a difference in your prayers and support and we appreciate your generosity more than you could ever know. You are amazing!

Now, here’s that link 🙂

With gratitude