What is Kigali to JoBurg?

August 1-30th 2018

Some friends, some bikes and 6,000 kilometers, all with one goal - to help young people across Africa live a richer, fuller life.

The Kigali to Johannesburg Trek will see old friends Andrew Vaughan and Andy Harrington joining with 8 new friends to pound out some long, beautiful and stretching kilometers north along Africa’s Great Rift Valley on a route through nine countries connecting  Kigali Johannesburg, all in support of the Wellspring Foundation for Education and its work in Rwanda.

On the way, we will connect with people and projects that we believe are making a difference to young people throughout the region.

We’ll also face some big challenges as we avoid hidden potholes that can shatter a front wheel; traverse sandy tracks that can bog down a motorcycle; survive corrugated dirt roads that rattle eyeballs; and stay focused on long, long stretches of tar road through the East and Southern reaches of the African continent.

Our aim is to raise $25,000 for the work of Wellspring and we would love your support. .All personal expenses are taken care of so all funds raised will go directly to the projects.

Join us on this journey of discovery and connection in Southern Africa. We’ll be posting updates, photos and videos as we prepare and as we ride the route. Stay tuned!